What We Deliver

As we plan your initiative together, we test solutions against our Performance Formula to make sure you achieve results by doing the right things the right way.

Our Basics


This balance is carried out through our E4 relationship process and M3 management activities, which provide guidance in balancing consistency with personal approach.

relationship-and-management performance

These models are the heart of our learning initiatives and are the basis for our customized support of your goals.

Our Solutions

…For the organization Strategic planning
Performance targeting
Customer/employee surveys
Mystery shopping
Business unit alignment
Career development
DiSC© personality assessments
Marketing integration
…For managers  Management practices
Individual goal setting
Collaborative coaching
Leadership skills
Effective sales & service meetings
Employee development actions
…For staff Consumer relationship skills
Teller service/referral skills
Contact center service skills
Operations service skills
Business relationship skills
Prospecting & market development
Effective negotiation skills



“Change is easy, but improvement is far more difficult.”  Dr. Ferry Porsche